~ Your new life starts today, don’t waste it trying to get back what was taken away ~
Every new day is a chance to change things and start afresh. Take a look at where you’ve come from and now look at where you’re going. We have exciting times ahead now you have your goals and inspiration, it’s the emotion behind all of this that will keep you driving forward.
Today, to do something for yourself to say well done, I can do it. Tell yourself you can and you will. Don’t forget to SMILE! Keep going!
Highly happy people stop looking on the outside for what they need to find within.
Highly happy people really, really like themselves.
Highly happy people fully realise that there are some things they will never get over.
Highly happy people know the difference between ‘denial’ and ‘optimism’.
Highly happy people realize the importance of being open to others rather than shutting down.

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