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‘The Importance of Affirmations’
Affirmations are positive statements written in the present tense that describe a specific situation, habit or goal that you want to manifest in your life.
So an affirmation is a comment, statement or any thought that has been repeatedly registered in our minds to such an extent that it has become part of our belief system. Once it becomes part of our belief system a whole spectrum of feelings belonging to that affirmation are born, and these shape how we see ourselves and the world.
Below are some steps I use to help people with affirmations.

1. Identify your negative self-talk and beliefs.

2. Create some affirmations out of those beliefs.

3. Begin using the new affirmation statements everyday.

4. See how you gradually change and see things more positively naturally.

When you learn how to create affirmations in a particular way they will be infused with emotions of accomplishment, empowerment and absolute resolve.
Imagine you are constantly saying these things:

  • I’m just not good at this
  • This will never work
  • I don’t deserve this
  • I can’t do this
  • I always try and fail
  • Nothing ever works out for me

What effect do you think this type of focus will have on your results? I can tell you that it isn’t good. Try saying things differently in a much more positive way, some examples are below:

  • I always find a way
  • I can do this
  • I calmly deal with challenges one at a time
  • I am resourceful enough to overcome anything
  • I search for shortcuts and solutions

Once you’re in the habit of repeating positive affirmations they get imprinted onto your subconscious mind!
Simple and incredibly effective.
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