~ Remember you don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are ~
Wow, did I start to realise this during my time trading the financial futures markets. I wasn’t trading the numbers or the candlesticks on my computer screen, I was actually trading myself. This realisation turned my trading career around and actually it was the starting point of self discovery. One of the very interesting things happening was something going on in the subconscious mind which I will share here.
There is a little filter in the brain, called the Reticular Activating System that sits at the bottom of the brain stem and in simplistic terms it filters information coming into the conscious mind.
The RAS determines which bits your conscious mind notices. For example you could be in a room of a thousand people and you would recognise a familiar face even if you weren’t looking for them.
So the RAS helps you to get towards your goal by seeing, hearing, attracting or noticing important people/things in your life that will get you there along with your affirmations and intentions!
So if we align our RAS in our subconscious minds to what we want consciously we will achieve our goals! Once I really understood this and started to use it to help my trading career, sort out my personal life and address my exercise programs, I found myself achieving so much more in life. I expand a lot more on this in the courses I coach.
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