~ The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find ~
When we challenge ourselves we grow – we push through that comfort zone so our horizons expand and our confidence grows.
Do you feel scared to find out who you are as you’re not really sure what you might find? Perhaps you are frightened as to what you might discover? Well, please take heart this is very common and just about everybody surprised themselves by actually loving the person they truly are. So take that leap today, I promise you it will be worth it.
This time, a year ago I watched my eldest daughter, Charlotte from a distance as she discovered new challenges and hurdles on her new travelling adventure alone. She departed from a cool Autumnal UK and spent a few weeks backpacking down the east coast of Australia. She learnt new independence, discovered who Charlotte really is, what Charlotte really wants, met new faces every day and stayed in amazing places. Charlotte pushed herself completely out of her comfort zone and got over the initial really scary part so that now she’s able to love this new lease of life. Her world has expanded and she holds a much bigger space, what a wonderful way to live life.
So, what can you do today to push those limits, expand those horizons, take action on your path? Go for that run, try a new walk, help out in the community, sign up for that painting class, try sewing or knitting, throw a party ~ try something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Your horizons will expand exponentially!
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