~ Super Tiny Daily Victories stack into Explosive Results When Done over Time ~
Have a think about all the things you have achieved this week and congratulate yourself. You are moving forward so now is the time to reflect, take stock and then rest ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Every day you need to keep making small achievements so that soon you will be able to see huge results over a period of time. This photograph of Charlotte on her travels overlooking the ocean is a wonderful reminder to me how my own daughter took the time out to reflect on her past days and weeks. It is so important to look after ourselves, invest in us, celebrate those wins over the past few hours, days and weeks.
As Charlotte sits looking out to sea she reflects on all those little wins she has had, building up into really quite amazing achievements. This gives her huge confidence and boosts her self-esteem inspiring her to take further steps out of her comfort zone. We need to take time out for ourselves, many people overlook this as they constantly meet others needs and they end up feeling discouraged and worn out. Take the time today, ME TIME is crucial in our personal growth and really reflect on those positive gains you have experienced. The more you do this the more you will be driven towards your goals naturally, your vibration will rise, you will feel better from within and you will find yourself effortlessly becoming positive in your day to day life. Remember you get from life what you focus on………………..
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