~ When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears ~
Are you feeling a little better now you have been consciously thinking about being more grateful for the things we have in life? 
For example:
…. Having food and clean water to drink
…. Enjoying a wonderful coincidence where something worked out for you
…. Finding a situation where you were able to grow, whereas previously you would have been frustrated at the outcome
Just take a moment, get present and you will see what is around you. Remember earlier we talked about a Gratitude Diary, where you write 5 different things every day before you go off to sleep at night? Are you keeping this up? It really is we worth doing as you do begin to slowly see the world in a different light. The gratitude you begin to feel on a regular basis will raise your energy to a new positive vibration, hence, you will feel lighter and less worried about the everyday stresses we have in modern day living.
Gratitude = happiness, so make this a daily habit!
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