~ Accept What is, Let Go of What was and Have Faith in What Will Be ~
‘Letting Go of the How’ ~ the greatest thing is you do not need to know HOW it will all happen, you just trust it will. It can be one of the hardest things to do, letting go of the HOW part of something you really want. But it really does work and more often than not it will be a better outcome than you expect and you will also travel along a totally different path as well. Keep your goal at the forefront of your mind, totally believe you will achieve it and don’t even think about how it will all happen. Leave that past behind and start believing.
Successful people achieve their goals by letting go of the HOW part. Sometimes if you are too focused on exactly how you will reach your goal you miss opportunities. Let go and just focus on the end outcome. Take action and see where it takes you. You may well reach your goal travelling a completely different path to the one you thought you might take. This has happened to me many times during my life ~ the most significant goal really is arriving where I am today, totally fulfilled in my life’s mission but I could never have planned life to be this good. This time last year I was still trading the financial markets as well as coaching – I thought trading was my life because I loved it, it was a passion of mine BUT it lacked one thing…..people. Coaching fulfills my needs emotionally and intellectually and gives me a huge sense of purpose and drive so leaving my opportunities open it felt like a natural step to leave the financial markets behind. This is something I could never have imagined happening.
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