~ We Learn More from the Times that Test us than We do from the Times of Success ~
This is a powerful statement that many of us know intellectually but we don’t really understand this at an emotional level.
So, let’s think back over our week and learn from the things that didn’t go the way we wanted them whilst we also celebrate the successful times. What can we put in place to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again……? Mistakes only become complete failures if we repeat them.
Think about this when you have a quiet moment today, when you are alone and enjoying peace ~ you might surprise yourself with some answers. Failures are there for us to learn from they give us the challenge to move forward. We need failures in life to show us a different way, to grow and expand our comfort zones. Welcome the things that don’t work out, use them to build your confidence in that you now know one way that doesn’t work. That’s more than you knew yesterday or if you’d done nothing at all. Do you see how you grow? Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward.
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