~ The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence ~
‘Spending time with your children is more important than spending money on them’
Children are on loan to us for a very short time. Cherish them whilst they are at home with you and when they leave the nest to let them fly and spread their wings, for they will always be in your heart.
Remember to listen to the small stuff so that when they are older they will share with you the big stuff. Let them make their own mistakes, learn from the experiences that didn’t work out the way they thought, celebrate their successes and watch them grow into the young adults.
Now my children are all young adults I look back on their lives and can’t believe where time has gone. It’s been an absolute privilege to be part of their lives and I am so grateful to have 3 beautiful children. I love this analogy of holding your children on the palm of your hand as if they are butterflies on your palm ~ keep that hand open, let them fly away, they will be back.
Keep your heart and the door open, don’t suffocate them, let them make their choices, not the choices you feel are right for them. They will then grow into who they want to be, not who they think they are supposed to be. Parenting can be tough, there’s no rule book, everyone is unique, but being a parent can be the best thing in the world. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs but that’s families for you. My children are a huge inspiration to my work and for that, I am eternally grateful!
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