~ Life is about finding out who you are whilst enjoying the journey to get there ~
Isn’t this just wonderful ~ to discover who you are AND enjoy the process. You have come so far now on your journey and taking inspired action has begun to open up opportunities for you. The biggest challenge now is letting go of the ‘HOW’ you are going to achieve your goals. Stay open to new, unexpected ideas and possibilities. Instead of moving in a straight line to the place you think your goal is, try to be flexible to new opportunities, ideas or action that come to you through intuitive nudges.
So on your journey you discovered one of your self-limiting beliefs, good for you. These can be released in a number of ways but for now I’d like to introduce Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). It has been around for about 30 years and really does clear the negative memories out of the mind. I can recommend several people who are experts in this field and you can google them all online. Margaret Lynch, Brad Yates and Nick Ortner are all experts in this field and will guide you through the process.  In the course we go far deeper into this with a very special guest who will take your hand and walk you right through the process.
Emotional Freedom Technique is explained a little more fully here.
If tapping isn’t for you, there are other ways of release so don’t despair. I run a 3 tier process during my Coaching Courses which really gets to the cellular level of change, so it is possible for everyone to make the change if they are open to it.
If you like what you read, see and feel, I expand on all of this in my fabulous ‘Must Have’ book ~ ‘How To Be Amazing In Your Life’, e-book.To help you accelerate your journey into the new positive you, book a Free Discovery Session now to see if coaching is right for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!