~ Don’t try to be somebody you’re not because it doesn’t work. If you try to be this perfect person or perfect persona of what you think that somebody should be when they’re involved in public office, it’s just not going to work. Just be yourself, stay true to your core values, and really just stay abreast of the issues. ~
Your core values are your highest priorities, what you hold to be deeply true to you and the driving force behind you that takes you towards your goals.
Have a think today what they might be for you. Here are some thoughts that I have picked up over the years.
Stay true to your core values. As opportunities arise and you start to feel moments of success, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of business and life choices ~ and you may feel pressure to make decisions that go against your intuition. Remember that you are your strongest asset, stand by your decisions and do what you feel is right. Your intuition is always right, it will never let you down.
Keep your dreams at the forefront of your plans. If anyone ever tells you that dreams are silly or aren’t something that can be achieved ~ remember this: They are wrong! Your dreams are the basis for everything you can and will achieve in your life ~ and don’t forget that. That is why we set goals and intentions, they keep us aligned on our journey and motivate us to where we want to go so we don’t get thrown off course when the challenges arise.
Maintain solid and true friendships. Friendships fulfill some of the best parts of life ~ including your most personal moments (like success) or (even failure). Your true friends can be relied on when you’re laughing, smiling or crying ~ and you should do the same. Some friends are lifelong, and some will come and go ~ but most importantly, remember that true friendships mean being honest, even when times are tough. Friendships can last for a season, a reason or a lifetime so don’t get upset if a friendship has run it’s course, it’s just meant to be that way ~ don’t try and look into the reasons, just move on and accept what is.
Remember where you came from. Maintaining respect for your roots is essential to knowing who you are and where your values were born. For some of us that goes as far back as our distant ancestors, and for some of us that simply means the people who raise you up when you need a boost. Regardless of who fills this role for you, remember and keep them close to your heart. Our family keeps us grounded and this is so important so keep connecting to your roots and you will gain stability in those turbulent times that may come your way.
Be yourself. There’s nothing truer than this statement. Staying true to yourself doesn’t always mean you’ll choose the popular path, but it does mean that you’ll follow your instincts and will let your personal values guide your choices in life. Don’t be afraid to be honest and candid about who you are ~ you’ll be respected and looked to for this incredible quality. Start with loving yourself for who you are and what you stand by, peel back those layers and find the real core of who you really are……….the answers are all inside you. Let them shine to the world and the world will love you back.
Being authentic can be one of the most challenging prospects life throws our way ~ especially when making waves in business or making drastic life changes. Regardless, authenticity is respected, admired and is the driving factor of those who achieve the success born of dreams. By maintaining your true self, the world will relate to you, will want to know you and will certainly provide the opportunities necessary to reach the stars.
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