~ The struggle ends when gratitude begins ~
Without a doubt the simplest things in life are the best! I think most of us know this but we spend our days complicating things and making life perplexing and about as clear as dishwater. So take a step back, put the kettle on, sit in peace, walk in nature, leave your desk for a moment and be grateful for one thing in your life. Do it with emotion and feel the positive cells multiply, canceling out all that negativity. The more often you this the more impact it will have on your life.
‘What are you grateful for today?’
Showing gratitude is one of the most simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.
Remember this is the essence where we are coming from so we must keep gratitude in the forefront of our minds. Being more grateful over time leads to real lasting happiness, not the instant gratification that is prevalent in society today. Over time it becomes easier and easier as you form a habit of being grateful for what you have and you are not always wishing for what you don’t have. You will find that there will be times when things are going well and without thinking you silently say thank you and then you find even more things start to go your way.
It’s a great feeling!
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