~ Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once couldn’t do ~

‘Overcoming Challenges………….’

Often we can do everything right to meet our goals like setting clear intentions, defining our core values and releasing self- limiting beliefs but we still run into challenges. So what do we do when we meet challenges along the way, like negative people who drain our energy, or our fear of failure – what will others think if we fail or we are too scared to step out of our comfort zone?

Our journey needs to have a yearning for something greater, we need to know that there is more, this is why we give ourselves BIG goals, we need to keep moving forward, time does not stand still. If we can understand that the challenges are all natural occurrences and not to be feared we are able to keep moving. So once we accept that these challenges are all part of the journey we stop seeing that there is something wrong and understand that’s it’s part of the process.

Above is Charlotte in a claustrophobic place, walking through a glacier, because she understood that this was part of her journey to get back to the helicopter to take her home she was able to enjoy the experience, whereas it could have been one she was terrified of!

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