~ You can’t lead a positive life with a negative mind ~

‘Dealing with negative people’ – this could be one of your biggest challenges that you face on your journey.’

As you’ve been recognising, when you find yourself surrounded by positive people you feel more confident and uplifted. You take on their attitude, the same is with negative people. When you are around negative people you become self-critical and also criticise other people and then find yourself drained and unhappy.

Some negative people are drainers, they are just downright miserable and some are safe keepers, they love you so much they want to keep you where you are even if it doesn’t help you. An energy drainer might say to you, it will never work, why do you bother etc. A safe keeper will want you to stay where you are to keep you safe, so they might not encourage you to go for that new job etc., their intention is to keep you safe.

Now the first thing to do, is to NOT take any of these comments personally. An energy drainer isn’t a bad person, they are just extremely critical of themselves, this self-sabotage is so great within themselves it spills onto others.

It really has nothing to do with you so let their comments just slide off you like water off a duck’s back!!

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