Today, I would like to introduce you to Day 6 of ‘Louise’s Insights’, these are extracts from my coaching course, intended to give you a little insight into how you can benefit from having a positive mind set leaving those barriers permanently behind, trusting your intuition and achieving those goals. There are 84 days of pure inspiration so please enjoy!
~ Now’s your Time to Fly and to Shine and to Rise up. This is Your Day to Show all the World who you Truly are ~
This is written with my eldest daughter, Charlotte, in mind who embarked on her greatest adventure of a lifetime last Autumn. After years of hard study and now fully qualified in her field, she handed in her notice at work and took off into the unknown ~ traveling alone for 6 months around Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Stepping into her new life she felt full of excitement and fear all wrapped up in one. But she did it!

Charlotte has been a huge inspiration to me and it has been so wonderful to hear about her adventures and watch her grow into the young lady she has become. As she opened her eyes and soaked up the different experiences her life has only got better and better.
I’ve included a picture of Charlotte with a koala bear – one of her dreams was to have a cuddle with this little guy.

So for you today, find someone who inspires you, perhaps a family member, a friend or work colleague. Maybe a character in a book or a person in a film will inspire you. Watch them, read about them, see how they behave, learn from them, you will feel uplifted. Step out of your comfort zone and grow, it’s here we can truly experience life and the more you are able to do this the easier it becomes. My daughter has taught me so much, confirming to me that once the fear is faced it just dissolves. So I hope you are able to find some inspiration in someone today and take that first step out of your comfort zone………perhaps it’s trying a new hobby, applying for that job, participating in a new exercise class, doing something ‘out of the blue’ for your partner. Whatever it is just go and DO IT!
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