~ The limits of your language are the limits of your world ~

We are going to look at the language you use in everyday conversation because even if you are speaking your intentions and affirmations but not paying attention to the what you say every day you will not get optimal results. It’s a bit like exercising 7 days a week to lose weight but not paying attention to what you eat.

Scientists have actually measured the vibrational energy of every thought which is quite incredible. So like energy attracts like energy, so what you put out there you get back. So whether you are aware of this or not you are actually constantly manifesting your reality with every single thought you have!

Your words also carry a thought vibration just like your thoughts do…………. Only much stronger! Words are the physical manifestation of your thoughts.

Your thought vibration ripples out of you and things or situations that match it’s positive or negative energetic vibration come back to you!!

We do a lot of work on this in the coaching courses, it’s very exciting!

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