~ Gossip is the devil’s radio ~

‘The most destructive force in the universe is gossip and those who spread it. Never get involved in it’.

The next easiest way to align your language and intention is to eliminate gossip – by gossip I mean any words that are disempowering to another person and this includes you!

Words are very powerful, almost every word you speak is doing one of two things – it’s either lifting you or someone else up or pushing you or someone else down.

So many of use the power of our words to criticise other people, we fall into a trap whereby this becomes a habit and we do it without thinking. While gossip can be relatively harmless, allowing gossip to become part of your life has some major consequences.

When you speak negatively about other people you actually reinforce self-critical patterns within YOURSELF. This is because the language you use towards others and to describe others reflects your inner thought patterns and the inner dialogue that you have with yourself.

When you gossip out loud about another person the person you are talking to associates YOU with the characteristics you are describing. For instance if you say nice things to your co-workers and family members then you are seen as being a nice person but if you constantly complain about the negative characteristics of others the people you are gossiping to will subconsciously apply those negative traits to you.

Gossip all starts inside your head so stop it right there.

By being more mindful of my own external language, I’ve been able to create new, more positive thought patterns in my head and also been able to see others in a positive light automatically.

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