~ I am the greatest ~ and I said that even before I knew I was – amazing quote by Muhammad Ali, a man who always had his goal at the forefront of his mind.
‘Goals ~ need to inspire you!’
So now you have your intention we need to set your goals. They need to be clear, concise and measurable with your intention.
A goal lets you measure your progress. So the best way is to have several short-term goals that keep you on course.
One way of setting goals is to choose 3 goals. One is a goal you know you will achieve, the second is one that will take some effort to achieve and the third is an outrageous goal, which over time will seem more achievable. So I’ll just recap on what we talked about yesterday.
The intention is the energy behind your goal. I’ll give you an example of an intention: “I live my life in radiant health, filled with the boundless energy and the vitality I need to enjoy life to the fullest”.  So your goals could be any of the following:
Trusting and loving yourself
Finding a soul mate
Reigniting that spark in your marriage
Reaching a specific target weight
Participate in a certain athletic event
Run a mile in under 6 minutes.
Well done, you now have an intention and a goal, you are forming a new blueprint for the way you think.
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