Declutter Your Mind & Free Up Some Space

With Ian on his way back to the UK to empty our attic in our family home back in England it got me questioning a lot of things. We are selling our house in preparation for buying a piece of land to build our Oak Framed home on hence we need to empty the attic.
I’m asking myself WHY we have kept all this stuff up there for over 15 years and not touched it; do we need it, do the kids really want some of their old toys for their children, do we need 25 sets of old curtains and so the list goes on……….?
Having moved house many times and moved items from one attic to another this time will be different. With my daughter buying her own home next month it’s perfect timing for her to have some things, some will go to the charity shop and some will go to the recycle place and the trash. This feels like a form of therapy to me so let’s do the same with our minds – empty them of the stuff we don’t need any more in our lives and make way for the important stuff that will help us be where we want to be in life.
I thought about this today – what do you think?
• The first thing is what I’m doing – decluttering your physical space, start with perhaps walking around the house, making a list of each room and then tackling one project at a time – what don’t you really want in your life anymore and find a new home for it. Having a lot of stuff around you exhausts your mind in two ways – the mind works overtime processing all the extra ‘stuff’ and it signals to the brain work needs to be done when there is a lot of stuff around.
• Start journaling your thoughts – anything from your goals, your worries, and your frustrations to the things that are going well for you. It allows your mind to be free of this inner chatter that constantly goes on.
• Stop doing too many things at once – you end up doing ‘bits of a lot of things’ and nothing properly. Create in your mind a desk and visually see yourself clearing the desk of all those jobs in your mind and then placing just one task there. When that’s completed place another task there so it refocuses your mind and completing things.
• Write down your tasks and lists – either on your phone, computer, paper or a whiteboard – this takes it out of your mind, which will free up space for you.
• Now you have your list PRIORITISE what is important to you and every day make sure you focus on that part of your list. Accept that you cannot achieve everything and be satisfied with what you can complete. Freeing up negativity and disappointment in unfinished business.
• This is one of my favourites – look at the routine decisions in your life and put them on auto-pilot; simple things like what you will wear each day, what you will have for dinner the following evening, when you will shop when you will exercise…… get the idea. What this does is it frees up your mind from having to process all of this stuff and leaves so much more energy and space for bigger decisions.
• Meditation is a great way of clearing your mind and helping you to focus on what is important to you – it takes time and effort but the results can be phenomenal. By focusing on just ONE thing (your breath, counting, or parts of the body) all of you other thoughts disappear.
• Do not put off making decisions – learn to take action and make a decision, perhaps write the information down that you have with all the pros and cons then decide what you will do next. This relieves your mind of so much wasted energy of going over the same things time and time again. Be decisive – don’t overflow your brain with repetitive thoughts that don’t achieve anything.
Over time I have done all of these and they have really helped me to free up space and allow more positive thoughts and emotions into my mind. Which one will you do today? I’d love to hear what solutions you have for decluttering your mind as well. Please COMMENT! Can’t wait to hear from you!