Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and Savour it

We really do only have the present as everything that happens is in the present moment as the past no longer exists and the future is just a fantasy. When it comes to thinking we tend to AVOID the present moment and fill our minds with past and future thoughts.
The past and the future really are only our perception of how we see them – affected by our beliefs, patterns and thoughts – either looking back over memories or projecting ourselves forward to the future.
When we get really present our minds do not think of anything that has happened in the past or worrying about anything that might happen – our minds become quiet. Meditation is the one tool for me that has helped me to ‘stay present’ and quit the worrying. It took me ages to achieve any benefits from meditation but now I’ve been doing it for sometime I am able to get to this place of peace where I can just be ‘me’ and totally appreciate the now.
Years ago when I was struggling with the relationship with my mother my mind was constantly in the past going over and over again the things that she had done to me, reiterating to myself all the time what an awful situation I was in. This all changed the day I accepted I was responsible for myself and had to start living in the NOW.
What do you find keeps you present?
If you stay present and are aware of what and who we are right now life takes on a better quality, so your memories of your past become richer and you don’t worry about the future. Some people call this being mindful, which is where you are totally aware of what you are thinking right now, even if past/future thoughts pop up you are AWARE of them.
These thoughts could produce a painful feeling or a happy one – you don’t judge them and you treat them the same until you come back to being where you are right now.
So if you can improve your day-to-day life by staying present why not give it a try. Here are some of the things I have tried over the years, which have worked for me.
• Being grateful – gratitude will bring you back into the present moment quickly and easily, so start bringing gratitude into your daily life
• Letting go of worry – when you notice a worry come into your mind and become present looking at this worry, it will lose its energy to ‘grow’, so take a deep breath and a step back so you become aware and notice how you FEEL – this will bring you to the present moment. Practice this!
• Try meditation – there are loads of free apps out there, take a look at It takes a while to get into it so just start with 5 minutes a day and keep going.
• Eliminate stuff – have regular clear outs of your things that you don’t use anymore – getting rid of the ‘old’ both inside and outside really helps you to stay present.
• Be mindful using your phone – make sure you are ‘aware’ of how much time you are spending on it.

What will you try today?