Do you need to believe in BWRT in order for it to work?

I wouldn’t say that you need to believe in it for it to work. A lot of people who come to BWRT® therapy are convinced there is no way they will find a solution to their problems that they have been living with for many years.

For example, I did a session with my husband who had been fearing public speaking all of his life. It is hard for him to believe that this therapy would work as fear of public speaking has become part of who he is and his personality. He just wanted to deliver a good speech at our daughter’s wedding. So believing in the therapy is not a must for it to work. Like any other therapy, it cannot work for 100% of the people but it works for over 95% of them. What is possible however is that some people might be in therapy because someone else told them to. But they don’t want to do anything about their issues. It is important that the client is focused during the session and the therapist will do their best to gain that focus. However, if someone is clearly not keen on solving the problem and is not putting the effort to focus on it, nothing will work!