~ Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way ~

As we approach the end of the year let’s look forward as that’s the way we’re heading. How many times in our lives do we look back? While we are waiting for someone to show us the next move – we look back. Why do we think that we have missed something and need to look back at where we were? We cannot press on towards the goal if we have our head turned in the wrong direction.
~ Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way ~
You see, we lose our power when we focus on the past. So looking forward is the way ahead.
There’s a time in life to be vulnerable to remove our masks and share our pain and there is a time to make peace with that pain, let it go, heal and look ahead. For our struggles and challenges are only there for us to learn and to find out who we really are. 

Imagine if we were more excited to share our victories rather than our painful, stories of the past? What would happen if we talked about our blessings, rather than our burdens?

Our hearts would expand.  We would create space. Space for what we truly want in life.  We would also become more aware of the moment we are in becoming more optimistic, energetic and excited for the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.
We then wouldn’t need to go over our painful times and suffering, those wounds would remain healed.
We start to let it go, because we see no value in the pain once we start the forgiveness process.    Once I started to forgive my mother and forgive myself the need to recall the past faded permanently, it seemed pointless. It’s really that simple.
By seeing the truth of who we are and what it’s all about we truly realise the past has no power over us at all. Once I really started to understand who I was and stopped the blame etc. I became free. I totally understood that the past never did have any power, it was just the power I chose to give it.
So let’s move forward, don’t look back, leave those healed wounds alone, make space for all that life has to offer.
Do you find it difficult letting go of old, painful memories?
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