~ Emotional Dust ~

Hi there,
Emotional dust lives deep in the basement of our subconscious mind… it’s basically a build up of emotions we’ve suppressed over a long, long time.
Have you ever been annoyed with a friend but just ‘let it go’, without ever saying something?
Or have you ever come against a problem that’s really impacted you, but instead of facing it, you’ve instead thought ‘I’ll just deal with that later’?
These are examples of how we can repress emotions and even though we may think we’re doing the best thing for ourself at the time, we’re actually harming ourselves in ways we may not realize.
You see, this negative energy doesn’t just disappear. Rather it sits there, building up slowly over time, until one day it becomes too much and it’s released in the form of rage, depression or a breakdown.
Now the good news is that you don’t have to wait for an event like this to occur in order to release this emotional dust…
Rather you can do it right now in an easy 4-step process.
Step #1: Create a safe environment
To do this, find somewhere that feels comfortable and safe for you to clear your mind. Know that everything is and always will be fine and make a promise to yourself to accept the emotions that arise, without judgment.
Step #2: Close your eyes and begin to go within
When you do, allow thoughts to flow through your mind and begin to sense how you feel. Don’t judge your emotions, and instead of focusing on what they may mean, focus on the sensations these emotions bring about in your body. Do it with intention and physically allow yourself to become aware of every part of your body.
Step #3: Sit with your body and your feelings
Notice if you feel any resistance to the way the emotions feel and simply be present. Release resistance if you feel it arise and observe your response to these emotions, without conscious thought.
Step #4: Allow the emotion to release
First, ponder the idea of allowing this emotion to leave you and being totally okay with it. Allow yourself to be at peace with this idea and then, when you’re ready, simply let it go, without judgement. This will allow the energy of this emotional dust to flow back into the universe, rather than staying bottled up inside of you.
So… do you think you’re holding on to any emotional dust right now?
If you are, I encourage you to dedicate 5-10 minutes today to go through this quick and effective process. You’ll not only find it relaxing, but also rewarding as you’ll have more space in your body for abundance and free flowing energy.
Good luck 🙂