In the End, We only Regret the Chances we didn’t Take

I write this with a heavy heart but inside such a light body – how does that work you might ask? 4.30am this morning I took Mum and Dad to the airport after enjoying a couple of weeks here with us in Dubai. To be honest I have had enough of the whole airport thing but for now, it is still part of your lives whilst we are living here; hence the ‘heavy heart’ and painful sadness that washes over you as you watch your loved ones go through Passport Control yet again.

As many of you know Mum and I have suffered a deeply destructive relationship for most of our lives and many years ago I decided to embark on a healing journey totally alone which resulted in both Mum and I now enjoying a loving relationship – one we have never experienced before.
Roll on a few years and because of the transformation of every area in my own life I decided to leave trading the financial markets and train as a Relationship Coach, a Theta healer, an NLP practitioner and now half way through my hypnotherapy degree with a mission to help others not suffer in the same way I did, alone for years.
My relationship has really deepened with Mum over the years but she has never really asked about my work and hasn’t really much idea of what I do. This holiday I decided I was ready to take a risk, it was a big risk but really it was one that would leave me with a crystal clear heart – I decided to fully explain what I did and show her all of my work.
Mum watched my videos, read my work, studied my blogs all about our relationship – I took a great risk as she could have found the whole thing upsetting as I speak the truth, BUT amazingly she said she was so proud of me being able to share this with the world.
She understood my message and realised the need for the world to hear how you crawl from the depths of despair to feeling sheer delight.
So ladies today, is there something you are holding back on, is this the right time to say or do something – don’t live with any regrets, it’s not worth it. I cannot tell you how even more amazing I feel now. Life truly does get better and better BUT it’s not handed to you – you have to put yourself out there. The beauty these days ladies is you don’t have to be alone – we’re here to support you.
Will you take that chance or live with a regret? I’d love to hear from you.