Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

This is a difficult post for me to write but one I really wanted to share with you just as a reminder as you rush about in these last few days in the run-up to the holidays. We will perhaps never know why the person in the street didn’t return your smile, didn’t thank you for holding the door open, looks just plain miserable or sits there seemingly ungrateful. So give today because you can, not because you expect something in return.

Tomorrow will be a very sad today for me and a huge number of others as we say our last goodbyes to a very special lady. She died suddenly last week, at home and leaves behind two young girls and a distraught husband. Life seems very unfair and can be very cruel, especially at this time of year and as we stand by as friends we feel utterly helpless to remove this pain.
All we can do is to be there for each other. Today, perhaps give away a few more smiles to strangers than you would normally just because you can. Don’t expect anything back, we have no idea what is going on in that person’s life. Reach out to someone you know who is struggling and let them know that they aren’t alone. Not only will it help them, you, in turn, willl feel amazing.
Tomorrow will be tough but I will do my best to give what I can. Will you give a little more of you today? I’d love to hear from you.