‘Expect nothing; appreciate everything’

‘Expect nothing; appreciate everything’ – one of the greatest & hardest lessons for me has been to let go of ‘expecting things from others.’
This photo of my 3 children is a rare event these days & was taken at the weekend – they don’t often get together and there’s nothing better than watching your kids grow, love & support each other. But this hasn’t always been the case – growing up together they were very competitive and we had lots of fall outs and arguments but now they’ve grown up they’ve become fierce friends and very protective of each other.
Relationships never stand still, never give up on anything changing – there is always hope, even if you find yourself with the most argumentative of children. Just because your children are brothers and sisters don’t ‘expect them to get along’. Let them work it out for themselves. I made lots of mistakes in bringing up the children but one lesson I have learnt is not to expect but to appreciate.
Unconsciously I had huge expectations of them – expectations aren’t about setting boundaries, discipline or guiding your children, expectations were what I wanted for them, NOT what they wanted or what was right for them – there’s a big difference.
Living in a word of continually expecting others to behave in a certain way will leave you frustrated (as they don’t do what you expect or think they should be doing) and you’ll find your self-esteem plummeting as you ‘fail’ yet again.
Again, it’s about acceptance of others.
Start noticing today how much you expect from others – start small with noticing if you smile at someone and they don’t smile back…..how do you feel? If you hold a door open for someone and they march straight through without a second glance, notice your reaction? You let a car in front of you whilst driving and they don’t wave or nod back at you, how do you feel? You text a friend, she takes ages to text back or doesn’t reply, how do you feel? You continually do things for others yet when you need a favour they aren’t around for you, how do you feel?
These are all expectations you are putting on others & when you place your ‘control’ over someone else & it doesn’t work, you’re setting yourself up for failure, you feel frustrated and upset. So, let this go, and do things simply because you can and you want to, not for the feeling you ‘expect’ to get from the other person. These small acts are the start of making relationships changes. Always start small.
Appreciate what you have and who you are – it will make all the difference in life.
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