Exploring the thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in continuous change

Exploring the thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in continuous change ~ a quote from Michael Bell
We are all about ACTION this year and journalling is a great practical step you can take TODAY!
Journaling has been a massive influence on the transformation of my life, so much so it has become a part of me. I write my journal in a very specific way and share this with all the women I coach.

Here are some benefits the journal does for me:
⁃ I am able to notice my feelings being far more aware
⁃ There is a greater connection to my heart when I write
⁃ The journal shows me lessons that I can learn from
⁃ It helps me NOT to repeat mistakes
⁃ It gives me greater clarity on my life
⁃ I have time to reflect on the thoughts that I have written
⁃ I can see the bigger picture happening in my life
⁃ It allows me to express myself as Me and Me alone
⁃ I can clearly give the meaning I want to give to a certain situation, not the meaning that others perhaps might be giving me.
My journal is called a “Brilliance Journal” and I use the front for positive thoughts and the back for negative thoughts. These thoughts are your most significant, recurring thoughts – not for a single passing emotion.
So if you constantly feel ‘rejected’ by others throughout your day write down very brief scenarios on this in the back. If you find yourself not getting upset by something that would normally have reduced you to tears you write that in the front.
You will form a pattern over time which will help you to look ‘underneath’ what is that is holding you back in life. This a is a profound way of finding out what’s really going on in your mind……
Now you might laugh at this but so many of my clients are now relying on their little journals, take them to work with them, pop them in their handbags and know where they are at home so they can easily grab them and read them in the BATHROOM! So I am thinking of calling it ‘The Bathroom Journal’!
They USE their journals to remind them of the ‘positive thoughts’ at the front of the book, which act as a reminder them as to how to behave and act so they don’t automatically ‘slip’ back into the old patterns, especially in times of stress. This little book works so use it, ladies!
Let me know if you’d like any support with this! Please COMMENT if you journal or if you are going to start today.