Are You Focusing on what Truly Matters to You?

It’s not about living your life; it’s HOW you live your life. Everything seems so complicated in the world we live in today; from the food we should be eating, the exercise that is best for us, the next step on the career ladder, shall we have children or not, the complexity of juggling our relationships……..WE make it complicated, the beauty of life is actually simple.
Are you inside a painful relationship right now and feel it’s just so complicated that you lose sight of what really matters to you? Take a step back today and focus on what really matters, ask yourself all this small stuff I’m focusing in on, how does it affect my life? Is your life beginning to feel hollow, disconnected and empty? Let’s get a better perspective.
For those of you who own pets, you will understand this, which is why I have chosen a photo of Bella. She reminds me that when she’s excited about her walk, her dinner, playing with her friends at the park and her cuddles – it’s the simple things in life that make her world. This is what is so important. We need to ‘Let Go’ of the trivia we get so entrenched in.
These are some of the things that matter to me, maybe you have your own; I’d love to hear from you.
• Relationships are everything – are you treating your own family worse than you would treat your friends? Are you treating yourself even worse? Your character is a measure of how you treat those people close to you, not the stranger in the street. The relationships you form will affect the quality of your life in every other area – through close family relationships, life gives us the greatest meaning. If you are reading this and thinking this is me…..I know how you feel, I used to be this person. You can change this and your whole world will change.
• Faith and belief are imperative – so many of us have lost faith in everything, we just don’t believe people, the government, society, or in humanity anymore. Having belief gets us through the tough times, helps us climb out of despair in those darkest moments, inspires us and keeps us motivated. If you’ve lost faith try and think of what you believe in and get that faith back, whether it be God, the universe, someone you trust, it doesn’t matter.
• This leads me to your values – these matter greatly as they really define who you are and what you stand for. Your values will determine how you prioritise your life, spend your time and what you are willing to push yourself towards – is it worth it to you? Values matter as they guide you through life and if you are unaware of them or don’t live life by them, you won’t be totally fulfilled. I left trading the financial markets, as one of my core values was to serve people, not numbers. I enjoyed trading but I wasn’t fulfilled; now I am totally fulfilled.
This week, focus on more what matters to you, fill up those hollow moments with things that have meaning. Stop wasting time and do things that will give you the success you deserve. I’d love to hear what matters to you most?