Forgiveness is YOUR Key to Freedom

Has someone close to you in your life upset you, done something you think is ‘unforgivable’, said something to make you angry, been ‘out of order’ or just plain insensitive to your feelings……whatever it is, do you feel wronged and upset?
I know exactly how you feel from years and years of destructive, manipulative behaviour by my mother but do you know the most amazing thing I want to share with you today is I don’t need anything from her, I don’t need to know why she did those things to me, what made her, what her excuse was, I don’t need to know anything because it is meaningless to me now that I have totally forgiven 35 years in my heart.

Have I told my Mum how I feel….? No. Have we spoken about it?….No. Do I need her to say anything?…. No. I am at total peace as I have healed myself, NOT her.
Forgiveness is the final form of love.
Yes it takes time, yes the process is painful, yes it hurts but oh goodness, it is so worth it – it is the most freeing thing you will ever do in your life.
So, for today just THINK about it, you don’t have to do anything, just think what might be destroying you, filling your head with negativity and ask yourself is it worth it any longer?
Forgiveness is your key – I’d so love to hear from you if you’re suffering right now in any way – you don’t need to be alone in this, take that step forward today!