A Grateful Heart is a Magnet for Miracles

What really matters most to you in life? Is it how much money you have in the bank, how many hours you work at the office, how many holidays you took last year, what your house looks like, what car you drive……..I think you’ll find it’s not about success but about living a life that matters. Is it about your relationship with yourself and with others? Is this where your focus is?
Having asked yourself these questions …..are you really living a life you LOVE, a life that you are PROUD of, a life that matters?
If you’re not; then why not? Let’s start building that life you WANT before it’s too late, start today!
I have witnessed many miracles in my life; the greatest being the incredible transformation of my own life. It took me to lose everything to FIND everything. I had to let go of everything I was desperately holding onto to actually ‘find’ I already I had inside of me what I was looking for.
Are you taking things in your life for granted – we live in a society of constantly wanting and needing things we seem to totally forget what we have already right on our door step?
That is, until that is taken away then we want it. So take a step back today and be grateful for what you have, be different, don’t be like everyone else – it’s easy to be selfish these days – being grateful will open up a new world for you.
Fill your mind with positive thoughts; with friends who mean something to you, with what you love and you’ll notice you’ll get more and more.
Why does gratitude help you to feel more positive? Because it’s a selfless act and you give it without expectation of anything in return – a huge thing for us as we so often have high expectations of others. Your actions will also begin to change as you live with a grateful mind.
What are you grateful for today? You will get more and more of this! Can’t wait to hear from you!