Great Reasons NOT To Keep Those Emotions Buried Inside of You

Have you such a toxic, destructive relationship with your mother or daughter that you can’t face your emotions anymore?

Are you continually burying those negative emotions of pain, hurt, anger and disappointment only to find them time and time again raising their ugly heads and ruining your day?
Have you had enough of living in this way? It just doesn’t work…….I will explain here a few things that happen when you dismiss negative emotions in the hope that they disappear.
When you ‘bury’ negative emotions, ‘brush them under the carpet’, ‘pretend they aren’t there,’ ‘try and forget about them’ they GROW, they MANIFEST, they EXPAND – the very opposite of what you want!!!
Here are some things that we go through when we bash down those emotions inside –

  • Mental exhaustion – your poor brain tries to remember a situation attached to the very emotion you are trying to forget and push away so it ends up ‘having an internal fight as you try and suppress it whilst your brain tries to bring it up – really tiring.
  • Sleep interruption – sleeping inevitably gets messed up when you are in a state of ‘stress’ and keeping these emotions suppressed causes insomnia. Lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health, work and relationship issues.
  • Relationship issues – when you suppress emotions your family and friends will find it difficult to relate to you as you become ‘emotionless’ – they won’t understand how you are feeling so may ‘lash out’ at you.
  • Lose Interest in Life – hiding and pushing these emotions out of way can lead to total lack of interest in things you once loved which in turn can lead to depression.

This was me for years…….I just could not face all the pain and anguish I had been suffering for so many years so I chose to suppress the emotions. I though that was all I could do – I really didn’t think there was another way.

So let’s start FACING these emotions, DISSOLVING these emotions and finally RELEASING these emotions.

To be in the best place possible to face whatever it is you are hiding from you need to:

  • A POSITIVE mind-set is the very first thing to work on; once you feel more confident inside you can then draw on this foundation to face the challenge of the fear.
  • FACE the fear so you can start dissolving it, changing the meaning you have given it.
  • FORGIVE yourself and anyone else involved.
  • MOVING ON permanently without giving that emotion a second thought will happen when you change the meaning of the emotion, the paradigm, the painful event.
  • FREEDOM & PEACE will envelop you as you release these emotions to find immense relief.

What more does a WOMAN want?