~ Happiness – Where Does it Come From? ~

Happiness is unique and so is the journey you are on making happiness actually completely different for all of us! What makes one person happy won’t be the same for someone else. For me happiness is how I feel when I totally understand that I am supposed to be where I am in life, doing what I’m supposed to be doing and I am enough. I am at complete peace.
Some of the ladies I help describe happiness as reaching a goal and feeling pure content, a sense of achievement and total peace. So for example if that was a financial goal they would feel so good having achieved this, but equally this could mean nothing for someone else whose goal was to lose weight. All the answers we are looking for are right inside of us. This was a huge relief to me when I truly understood this as I had spent so much time ‘looking’ outside of me. I now had more time for ME, as I wasn’t searching anymore.
A few quick tips that I have done myself and will get you thinking today:

  • create a positive mind-set, positive thinking opens doors to hope, which leads to happiness
  • finding your life’s purpose, having the direction and purpose in life can lead you to fulfilment and peace creating happiness
  • surround yourself with loving family and friends, cultivate and nurture these. Be aware of who you are spending your time with.
  • Know what makes you happy and visualise it. If you’re struggling here, start with what makes you unhappy then turn it around.
  • Smile – its contagious!
  • Smell something that makes you happy – perfume, flowers
  • Do something for someone else
  • Practising daily gratitude will slowly change your thought process so we SEE the good everywhere we go, lifting our spirits
  • LAUGH – I’m a firm believer that no one laughs enough these days and laughing is so important. Watch something funny or just try laughing out loud. What makes you laugh?

STOP TRYING to be happy and start DOING what makes you happy.
Discover what makes you happy today and live your life to the fullest! Please share what makes you happy……….
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