~ Have You Felt An Internal Shift?~

Are you in a place where your life just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Perhaps up to this point you have felt fulfilled and life had meaning but today you wake up and you feel STUCK, you know you don’t want to be where you are BUT you also don’t know what will make you feel fulfilled again? Or maybe you haven’t felt that fulfilment yet as your life unfolds………Either way, read on…..
Take a few moments to think about this today as you go about your daily business. As humans we have a need to grow and change, are you STANDING STILL?
~ YOU have the choice to change how you feel at any time, don’t let your circumstances dictate how you feel. One tiny step out of your negative thought process in whatever circumstances you are in can have a major shift inside.
~ UNDERSTAND that any decision you make will NOT be perfect, so if you are going for that new job, realise the trade off etc. The change in you is the ACT of going for the new job, not the outcome.
~ MAKING CHOICES in life DOES NOT affect your values as a person, so you could think that by having this wonderful new relationship you will gush inner confidence. The act of understanding that you are enough already will be your shift.
~ FEELING STUCK and unable to move forwards – applying for that that new job, seeking that loving relationship, achieving that healthy body etc is a resistance that goes way back over the years, and NOT purely the thought of ‘failing’ at the job interview, ‘messing up’ the date with the new prospect, ‘ruining’ again another diet. We need to have a look underneath this to get a real ‘shift’. It might well be a pattern you have picked up that isn’t yours and once you understand it isn’t even yours and you don’t need it, you can experience a shift!
Notice how you speak to yourself when you feel stuck, lost or frustrated with your current situation. Talk to yourself as if you were your best friend. Be kind and understanding. That’s the first step to that internal shift.
I encourage you to enjoy a good relationship with yourself, so to help you accelerate your journey into the new positive you, book a Free Discovery Session. It’s much easier than you might think!