~ Honest Communication ~

Hi Everyone,
Today’s newsletter is all about communication and how to get your message across and not assume what the other person might be thinking.
I would love to share some tips with you on communication ~ this sometimes gets lost and misconstrued in all the forms of we have available to us these days………texts, emails, skype messages etc etc.
~ Honest Communication ~
“Don’t make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz
How many times have you regretted saying something, or even worse, not saying something that you really felt at all?
How many disappointments or hurt relationships could you have saved yourself from if you had only had more honest communication with that person?
If you’re like most, I’m guessing it’s more than once, and that is precisely why I love this quote by Don Miguel Ruiz so much!
It makes me wonder…
How would our lives be different if we could properly communicate our ideas and emotions?
Good, open and honest communication is just as important as it can be challenging.
While it does require work, the good news is that you have the power to turn things around by becoming better at your communication skills.
Here are 3 Golden Rules For Honest Communication that can help you do just that:
 Be open and honest. 
By this, I mean that you should be open and honest with yourself and with others. If you’re not honest with yourself, then how can you accurately communicate your needs and desires to others?
If you hide your feelings or wishes, or pretend that things are right when they’re not, these “harmless” little lies can rapidly escalate into huge problems.
Even though it might be scary to open yourself up to others, when you do this, you experience the full potential of what a relationship can be, which is what you deserve!
 Give up your need to be right. 
How many times have you turned a simple discussion into a heated argument simply because you wanted to be right?
Next time you find yourself in this type of situation, try asking yourself, ‘Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?’
Weigh those options and then ask yourself, ‘Is this really worth fighting over?’
Guess what? In most instances the answer is almost always ‘No’. 
Remember that at the end of the day, the world needs more loving, open and understanding people, rather than judgmental people or committed critics.
 Listen with your heart (and with your ears).
How many times have you heard your partner, your children, friends or co-workers say: ‘You’re not listening to me!’… or ‘That’s not what I said!’
So often, we hear with our ears but we forget to listen with our hearts. This becomes more important especially when you’re with someone that struggles to effectively communicate.
Remember that listening is the art of making a connection with another person, so that you can fully understand what they are saying AND feeling.
So next time you’re having a conversation, make sure you’re not just listening to words; listen to their energy, emotions and body language… and use your intuition!
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