How does BWRT differ from hypnosis, behavioural therapy or other healing techniques?

BWRT®. is completely different from any other therapy out there. It does not use hypnosis and the patient is totally conscious during the session. Even if other therapies have never worked for a patient, BWRT®. can perfectly work in just a few sessions.

It is completely logical, practical and down-to-earth and can be surprisingly magical to clients that might have tried many different other approaches without success. We don’t need to discharge fear, anger, guilt or any other form of arousal because we re-route the neural pathways that would have found it and it is no longer engendered or encountered. The main difference is that with BWRT® , we don’t need to go into the details of things that might be difficult to talk about or to find the “why” of the issue. Although bringing awareness to reason of why we feel what we feel might help with solving it, a lot of the times this process takes ages and might ultimately not end in the patient knowing how to react differently. For example, I had a client who was terrified of wasps, and it affected her life so badly she struggled to go outside in the summer. I didn’t need to discover how this all started, or what exactly happened to cause this fear, all I needed to know was that she had a picture in her mind of being absolutely terrified of wasps.

All she wanted to know is how not to be scared and how to replace her fear with calmness. And that’s why BWRT® was extremely effective. It had taken her 15 years of therapies after therapies to finally do ONE session with me and she messaged me the next day to say: “Louise I can actually go outside without fear and look at a wasp”. This was unbelievable for her, almost magical. And that’s why BWRT® feels like it because it’s such a natural and quick change that it feels magical.