~ How To Get What You Want Out of Life ~

I am very pleased to share this week’s newsletter with you all on “How to Get What You Really Really Want”! Ok, so what do you want, is it a loving relationship, a new career or a better paid job, vitality and health, a new car, a holiday…………….and I could go on and on. If you can’t think of what you really want, think of what you don’t want or like about your life and turn it around.
There are many things we can do and I have tried a lot of them, that is how I turned our financial situation around and repaired a destructive relationship totally alone. I am going to share some tips here for you to get on the right path to really get whatever it is you desire.
~ How To Get What You Want Out of Life ~
1.Practice Gratitude. I know you’ve heard me talk about this before but Gratitude truly is an amazingly powerful force if you know how to harness it.
I suggest taking a couple of minutes when you wake up before you really open your eyes and jump out of bed to mentally think about all the things you’re grateful for in your life at that moment.
Pick 3 things that you can focus on intently and just bask in the joy of what those things bring to you, BEFORE you get out of bed.
At the end of the day just before you close your eyes, find moments from your day that you can have gratitude for and write them down in a little book, call it your Gratitude Diary. Write down 5 different things everyday and really feel the gratitude. Then watch the shift over the next few days………….
This actually does some remarkable things. It not only lessens stress, but also opens your mind to inviting positive change into your life by focusing on what is already good!
 2.Be Mindful.
Mindfulness refers to focusing on the present moment and paying attention to what you’re doing at that moment.
Too often we put ourselves on autopilot and let our minds run wild with what we just did, and what we’re about to do. From picking up the children from school to cleaning the house, we tend to live our lives in the past and future, without ever just focusing on the present. Being mindful allows you to begin to focus your attention in a very specific way that calms your mind, priming it to accept what the universe has to share with you.
3. Visualise It! If you practice the first two of these tips, you’ll be setting your mind up to let the real power of this final tip come into your life.
Visualising yourself already having the things you desire… the success, the wealth, the health… and truly feeling it already being yours will tell the universe that you’re ready for it to become a reality in your life.
All these things are hard to do at first because you aren’t used to it, but if you keep up the practice over time, it will become easier and easier until it is actually part of you. It’s at this point we start to live life with grace and ease.
If you’re struggling with this why not schedule your FREE DISCOVERY session?  Let’s connect and explore the possibilities this new phase in your life presents to you!
A fresh new purpose?  Healed relationships?  Healthy lifestyle?  The choice is yours.
Looking forward very much to hearing how you all get along.