~ How to Meditate For Beginners ~

Learn how to meditate for beginners with easy meditation techniques and tips. Meditation can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. With a little guidance, I hope you will find that meditation can be both easy to do and rewarding, all at the same time. Let’s get started shall we.
These how to meditate for beginners tips and techniques are just a few that will help you get started with meditation. These tips are ones you can use to get the most out of the beginnermeditation I have put together for you. below

  • Tip 1: Find a quiet place where you will be free of distractions and turn your phone off. It never fails when I need some quiet time, my phone always rings.
  • Tip2: Wear loose fitting clothes. You don’t want to feel constricted. They don’t have to be fancy. I just wear my joggers (sweat pants).
  • Tip3: Play some soft background music. You know, the kind without lyrics. You don’t have to do this. Some people prefer a little sound though. I personally like the quiet.
  • Tip4: Set a timer so you can focus on the meditation and not the time. This can be as simple as setting an alarm. How much time you give yourself to meditate is totally up to you.
  • Tip5: Use a tape recorder and tape yourself reading the script below or have someone read it for you. This is not a necessary step, however it may help if you are new to meditating. I did this for awhile until I got the hang of it.

How To Meditate For Beginners, Guided Meditation

To start your how to meditate for beginners, beginner meditation, find a comfortable quite place where you won’t be disrupted. Sit either in a chair with your feet flat on the floor with good posture or sit cross legged on the floor or a pillow. It helps to place your hands palm side up. Remember you want to be relaxed, but you don’t want to fall asleep.
You can either read the script below and then meditate from memory or you can record yourselfreading the script and play it back while you meditate or you can get someone to read it for you. Are you ready?
Where there are breaks in the script is when you can pause as long as you like to get the rhythm of the meditation.

  • Close your eyes and start by taking a deep breath in… and then out…
  • Take a couple more deep breaths and just focus on your breathing.
  • Now clear your mind.
  • If thoughts creep in, it is o.k. just acknowledge them and let them pass, not spending any energy on them.
  • Now, turn your focus to your toes and start to relax all the muscles in them, as you feel them get warm, move on to your ankles.
  • Move up to your lower legs and relax them, relax your knee and upper thighs.
  • Now, relax your pelvic muscles and then your stomach.
  • Relax your chest and then your shoulders.
  • Move your way down your arm and relax all your muscles in your arms and your hands all the way to your fingertips.
  • Good, now relax your neck and then your scalp and even your ears.
  • You are fully relaxed now.
  • What I want you to do now is imagine yourself in a field next to a creek. Look around. Are there any animals? Are there flowers or trees? Is there a waterfall?
  • Take a minute to take it all in.
  • Great ,now I want you to turn your attention to the stepping stones that walk down into the creek. There are ten of them.
  • Make your way over to them and take the first step down towards the creek.
  • Then another step. With each step count backwards from 10 all the way down to 1, as you reach your final step.
  • You are now completely relaxed and free of thought. It is all up to you as to what you want to do next.

When you feel you are done with this meditation be sure to slowly begin to move your hands and feet then slowly open your eyes.
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