~ If Opportunity Doesn’t knock Build a Door ~

Funny quote this one…. but I see it in the way that if an opportunity doesn’t present itself, we don’t just sit around waiting for it to come knocking on our door. We have to get up, go out and work (build a door) so that when it does present itself, we are ready for it!
Lots of opportunities will come knocking if we are receptive (we have built a door). The key is to recognise them (hear the knock). Then you have to decide whether or not to open the door.
Is this happening for you right now? Have a look around you? Without a doubt this was me a few months ago and fortunately I was able to ‘hear the knock’ and now well on my way to building my dream business.
So I heard the knock and opened the door. But of course it is not as simple as that. You need luck, perseverance, ingenuity and capability to realise the opportunity. That’s what I’m working on now to ensure I embrace this opportunity to the full.
I’m sharing this story with you all illustrate the fact that we need to be receptive to opportunity – this is a mindset that you need to adopt. But this is only the start of the story – there is so much more to realising an opportunity than recognising and taking it on. And so this is me on my journey, this is only the very start. But we need this to even make a start.
There may be a lot of new doors being framed in around you; be aware of these opportunities and ready to answer the door.
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