~ Increase Focus with This One Minute Meditation ~

This time of year can be incredibly emotional, with so much going on we can feel pulled in every direction. Women are primarily the givers and we so want everything to be right for everyone else. We spend our time worrying whether we are doing the best for our children (whatever age they are), being there for our partners, husbands, friends, work colleagues……you name it and we give.
Sometimes this becomes all too much, especially when we are short of sleep and can feel overwhelmed by it all. Then the guilt sets in, as we ‘should’ be happy etc. for what we have as we have so much more than many others.
This can end up being a vicious cycle and I see it time and time again.
This can also be a very difficult time of year for some of us who have lost loved ones, aren’t near close family and friends and feel very alone. We imagine that everyone is having a wonderful time. This also is a very common feeling I am seeing more and more often.
So I have found a tip that may help you at this time of year. It doesn’t take much time so why not give it a try and see if you can break your negative thought pattern.
Does the term meditation make you instantly seize up? I do. I’m guessing I’m not alone on this one.
And yet meditation really can help ease the symptoms of anxiety and other various mental health issues, including the common one of struggling with focus. Hmm. What to do? How about making the act of meditating easier and shorter? Short is good.
Here’s a one minute meditation that literally can’t be done wrong, except by not doing it.

  1. Set a timer for one minute (use your phone) — One minute meditating can seem like forever. But we can endure almost anything for one minute — a mere 60 seconds. Science tells us this must be true.
  2. Sit or stand comfortably — If sitting, rest your hands on your thighs or in your lap.
  3. Take a deep breath — Blow it out slowly and as completely as you can.
  4. Focus on your breathing — When breathing in, tell yourself, “I’m breathing in.” Breathing out say, “I’m breathing out.”
  5. Label thoughts — Here’s the hard part, but only for one minute. Your attention will wander away from your breath, perhaps instantly. When you notice this, focus it back on your breath. How long you can focus on your breathing is completely irrelevant.
  6. Quit when the timer goes off — Don’t think about it again until the next time.
  7. Repeat 1-2 times per day.
  8. Bonus tip — Actually use a timer. It makes it more real, yet somehow more endurable.

Doing this once a day makes you a rock star. Doing it twice a day makes you a godlike, super, rock star. I know which one I’d rather be. Do you?
I would love to know your thoughts!
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