Is Anxiety taking Over Your Life?

You can’t remember a time when you didn’t worry, feel nervous, constantly have irrational fears, have a good nights sleep, feel self-conscious, have persistent self-doubt and go into panic mode. Does this sound like you right now? You’ve been:
  • Excessively worrying – you persistently worry all day even about the smallest of things, which interferes with your everyday life.
  • Experiencing irrational fears – your fears become overwhelming and crippling, and disrupt your everyday life.
  • Having sleep problems – you chronically lie awake with a racing mind, tossing and turning at night feeling agitated and worried unable to calm yourself down.
  • Suffering from digestive issues and muscle tension – you suffer stomach cramps, ‘anxiety in your gut’ along with ‘jaw clenching’ and neck pain.
  • Feeling panicky – a sudden gripping feeling of fear and helplessness where you can’t breathe, your heart races, your hands tingle, you sweat, you feel weak, your chest hurts and you feel dizzy.
You so wish you could feel calm, in control of your life, confident in yourself and create a positive mindset escaping this constant cycle of being in an anxious state. You would love to live life in the present, be able to laugh more freely, feel optimistic, enjoy the journey and surround yourself with the right people. I’ve been helping men and women over the past few years overcome their anxious state of mind to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. The panic attacks; phobias and social anxiety are now a thing of the past. All of the feelings you have are often tied to childhood wounds or traumas, which is where I can help you heal emotionally, freeing you from your negative mindset and behaviours. Through emotional healing and therapy, you will create a happier state of mind so you see things in a calmer, more positive way. You will learn how to release negative emotions, doubts and fears so you can focus on what it is important to you in life. So let’s make a start today –
  • By knowing happiness is a state of mind; you can look at your life, cut out bad habits and people, and make changes in your own internal expectations.
  • Stop living someone else’s life – ask yourself if you are still trying to please your parents or your children? You are the creator of your life, you set the boundaries, you decide how to spend your time – you will develop courage by following your right path and not someone else’s.
  • Journal your thoughts down on a daily basis can act as a profound catharsis.   Limit your time on social media, which is proven to make you feel ‘inadequate’ as unconsciously you compare yourself to others.
  • Create a very specific goal – for example – ‘ By the end of next month, I want to be able to drive to work without fear’, and start visualizing yourself doing this with confidence.
  • Look at changing your lifestyle – once you make some physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes in your life you are much less likely to slip back into your ‘old anxiety ways.’ Look at taking more exercise and if you aren’t doing anything right now, make yourself walk for 30 minutes a day.
Know that you are responsible for your reactions and your anxiety – once you accept this you can make the changes. Start making changes in your life that make you feel good, increasing your self-worth and self-esteem; focus on how you breathe, question your negative thoughts – you don’t have to ‘buy into them’, create pictures in your mind that make you feel good, journal every day – the more you take back your control of your life the less the anxiety will raise its head. I want you to know that you can do this, know that you are a powerful human being who can live a life being calm and at peace, enjoying renewed energy and feeling optimistic and above all being able to think positively and take control of your life. It will be the most rewarding valuable journey of your life. You are not alone on this journey; please feel free to reach out to me at any time, I am always happy to hear from you.