~ Is Happiness Free? ~

In a world that revolves around money and material goods how can something that we all so badly want in one form or another be free? Depends what you call free………contrary to popular belief there is NO COST financially for happiness, it’s a personal cost.
We are looking in the wrong places for this feeling, thinking it comes with a financial cost……. making the search that much harder. We have become obsessed in looking for this happiness; we want it quickly, easily without any personal sacrifice, in an instant without effort. We are not prepared to forfeit what we have, so guess what……….we become more miserable.
For me, I spent years looking ‘outside’ of myself to satisfy my needs, hardly even acknowledging who I was. Continuously searching for this ultimate happiness and it never came. Until the day, I decided to find out what exactly I wanted from life, I stopped the trying, stopped the searching around and looked at life in a different way. What I was doing, wasn’t working.
By looking inside and letting go of the ‘pain’ that was holding me back, making those personal sacrifices, I found happiness right there, deep inside of me, I understood who I was, what I wanted in life, where I was going so allowing myself this ‘ripple’ effect of happiness to colour my life. I saw life with different eyes, gentler eyes, loving eyes, fearless eyes, confident eyes, peaceful eyes, eyes that allowed me to be me and I was enough. This is happiness for me. No more soul searching, no more looking, no more holding onto ‘stuff’, life is so much easier………….and I get the best of both worlds, all the inner happiness I need and the ‘allowing of myself’ to enjoy the material goods I love in life, which I thought was impossible at one stage.
Here are a few ideas to think about today:
– Accept all your imperfections
– Feel the fear and do it anyway
– Be willing to fail
– Choose what motivates you in life
– Take responsibility for your actions
I love this saying and have this imprinted on my mind – the most important thing I have learnt to date is;
‘ To enjoy that inner happiness, you don’t have to avoid the things that will strike you down but you need to be in a position to be able to get back up again at all costs’.
We can’t avoid the challenges in life, but we can learn to face and deal with them. How empowering is that?
Looking forward to hearing about what your happiness is……please share NOW!
My happiness is that I really understand that ‘I AM ENOUGH’. 🙂
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