Did you know that your subconscious mind is responsible for every decision you make in your life?

It does a great job dictating on automatic pilot your walking, talking, breathing, and driving a car. BUT it is also responsible for all of your behavioural decisions – your bad habits, how you socially interact, your exercise habits, your eating habits, your feelings and emotions? What is your subconscious mind? We assume that we decide to do something but apparently, this is not the case -the subconscious mind makes all of your decisions and sends messages via neural pathways to the conscious mind to act upon them. Some of you might be thinking that you consciously decide what to do but it is actually the subconscious mind making your decisions, which researchers are now proving, to us. I like to describe it as an enormous warehouse (in fact the size could be thought of as unlimited) that houses all of your experiences, feelings, thoughts, emotions and events that have happened in your life. If you align both your conscious mind and subconscious mind the results could be life-changing. The subconscious mind behaves like an old dinosaur and responds well to conditioning; pictures in our minds, emotions, what we hear, smell, touch and taste. To be successful in any capacity we need our conscious minds to be aligned with our subconscious minds. Your subconscious mind sabotages your thinking. I’ll explain this with a food example. We have a worldwide obesity problem yet we have more information on food, health and nutrition than ever so it isn’t lack of knowledge that is leading to people being overweight. It is the subconscious driving what we eat due to conditioning dating back to childhood. So, if you have ever been on any sort of diet you’ll resonate with this. You eat healthily all week with every intention of not having chocolate at the weekend. But the weekend arrives and you eat a whole bar of chocolate telling yourself the whole time you shouldn’t be eating this (negative thoughts). But it gets worse, you are now angry with yourself for eating the chocolate – so now your stress toxins start to rise. You ate the chocolate because the subconscious mind made this decision as it has been doing this since childhood through conditioning. Now there is something positive you can do here – eat some chopped fruit with some yoghurt, this is different to what you are used to and will taste perhaps sour but your subconscious mind will respond to the feeling of being satisfied, producing the dopamine effect giving your brain a positive effect. When you have the yoghurt again the subconscious will think of this as a positive experience and if you keep repeating this the subconscious will develop a healthy craving for this kind of food. How do you know when your opinion is based on conditioning or your own thinking? For example, if the subconscious mind is continually exposed to negative thoughts, emotions and images about a particular person you will automatically associate that person as bad; this is called conditioning and not your opinion. You might have an opinion on something that isn’t true and is perhaps one person’s view or something that is superficial, which will probably be a conditioned response. For it to be your own opinion you need to do your own research. The subconscious mind has reflexes, let’s use them wisely. They are the same as physical reflexes such as tapping your knee and it will move. So we can learn what the reflexes are in a positive way. For instance – • Smile and your subconscious makes you feel better. • Stand with a straight back and open arms to feel strong. • Keep your head up to feel positive. Look at the mirror effect on others – • You smile and the person smiles back. • The other person has a frown; you frown back along with the feeling of anger. • Rolling your eyes during a discussion with someone activates their (amygdala) anger centre, causing them to feel angry. And I could go on and on but you get the idea of the power of this part of your mind. This is THE key reason I have a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as hypnotherapy is the only modality that can access the subconscious part of the mind directly. I think that’s pretty cool. Learn to align your conscious thinking with your subconscious for a sustainable less stressful and more successful life.