~ Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom ~

This is one of the first things that really struck with me when I decided I needed to make a change in my life. The internal journey of self discovery has been one of amazement and enlightenment and it continues!
Modern man has achieved quite a lot. We have been to the moon, and deep within the oceans. We live in a world today where technology allows us to explore just about anything. Out of all that we have discovered, there is another journey that awaits… the voyage of ourselves.  A lot of us are very much physical beings, meaning our priorities are based around our 5 physical senses. We mustn’t forget that we are a complex creation composed of a body, a mind, and a spirit.
Just as you feed your physical body each day, make a conscious effort to provide yourself with mental and spiritual nourishment also. Mental food consists of learning, and building knowledge of all sorts. Spiritual food could be any number of practices included but not limited to; meditation, yoga, giving, and self-reflection and praying. To gain wisdom we must strive to know more than just the physical us, we must learn to live as the spiritual and mental beings we are as well.
Taken from Aristotle.
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha
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