Let Gratitude Become a Way of Life

Life is like a rollercoaster – we go from being on the crest of a wave making our dreams come true to the depths of the ocean facing challenges, defeat and failure so we need something constant in our lives to keep us moving. And that is gratitude – let gratitude become your friend, be part of you and you will find so much more happiness in your life when you focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have.
Have you thought about being grateful for something you don’t yet have in your life?
I will share with you some of my list of things I am grateful for right now first – over time they have become part of me, and you can do this too. Have a think about being grateful today as you go about your life –
• Your friends – make a list of all of your friends and say one thing that you are grateful for.
• Your health – don’t take it for granted, be grateful for what you have.
• Your finances – focus on what you have and each time you pay a bill for example actually be grateful for what that bill provides for you (like the electricity bill be grateful for light).
• Your family – it doesn’t matter if you are close to them or not – take a few moments and feel something good towards them.
• New opportunities – most of us shy away from change but focus on the good that change will bring, not the fear of going through it.
• Smiles – be grateful that you can smile, notice the smile of others and give yours away today to twice as many people as you did yesterday.
• The little things in life – that cup of tea, that smooth coffee that freshly baked biscuit – appreciate that small moment of bliss.
• Conversations – one of my favourites – this is my life, my job, part of me. Make deep meaningful conversations part of your life and be grateful to be able to have that chat.
I hope you resonate with some and these and I would love to share some of your gratitude’s today.
But what about the things you want in life, the things that you want in the future? Being grateful for things you want in the future will double your happiness! I’ll share a little snippet from my future gratitudes.
‘I am truly grateful for purchasing a piece of land in England to build our home on.’
Ian and I have been in Dubai for 14 years and now looking to return to the UK and set up home. But the odds have been truly stacked against us for a long time but I am still always grateful for our dream – we have suffered financially where our outgoings were greater than our salary after a huge pay cut. So building a home might have seemed impossible then. We have also had our hearts set on a piece of land for 18 months and spent a lot of time and energy trying to secure planning permission. This has now been thrown out for good.
BUT here is where the magic lies, within half an hour of hearing this news my mum phones up and offers us the use of her little cottage she rents out to holiday makers (just down the road from her); she thought we could stay in the cottage for a year whilst we ‘land hunt’ as it’s proving too difficult from Dubai.
This is a much better plan than before as it will be much easier to source land when we are actually living back in England. Miracles never cease to amaze me these days!
So, ladies, what are you grateful for today that hasn’t happened yet! Please share, I’d love to hear from you.