~ Let us Act on what We Have, Since we have not What We Wish ~

This saying reminds of one of very first things I talk to clients about ~
‘Have-Do-Be’ versus ‘Be-Do-Have’, in terms of the way we think.
These people believe that if they first HAVE the things they want, they will then be able to DO what they want, which, in turn, will allow them to BE they way they want.
e.g. once I meet that perfect person, and HAVE them in my life,
then we’ll be able to DO all the things I’ve wanted to do, and then I’ll finally BE loved, or happy or complete.
– or once I HAVE the money I want, then I’ll be able to DO the things I want to, like pay bills, travel, and then I’ll finally BE happy, rich, financially independent
– this is actually radiating out NEED and guess what you get more NEED!
-sabotages your ability to be happy now, keeps you in a state of want and need and unhappiness.
So to create the right abundant happy vibration we need to be coming from this place.
Start by BEING happy, loved, fulfilled – BE that vibration that then resonates out into the Universe, attracting the things that you want to manifest that match that vibration back to you. BE as if you already achieved your goal, feel that feeling and get really in touch with it. BE = ‘Act as if’ You’ll then naturally start to DO the things you need to in order to achieve your goal. Then you’ll soon find you HAVE what it is you’re aiming for. e.g. when I ‘acted as if’ I had the promotion I wanted, I got it!
Think about this as you go about your daily business.
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