~ Life Becomes Easier when you delete the Negative People from It ~

‘Protect your spirit from contamination, limit your time with negative people.’
During our lives we are continually faced with challenges and how’s it we deal with the challenges that affect the outcome of how we feel and the results we get. One of the main issues that comes up time and time again is dealing with negative people and this is especially hard when dealing with family members or people you live with or work with. I reassure my clients that challenges will come up and it’s a normal part of the journey.

Now, there are really two types of negative people that you’ll probably encounter on your  journey to success. The first type of person is someone I call an “Energy Drainer.” This is someone who is just downright unhappy and unpleasant to be around on a consistent basis. The second type of person is called a “Safe Keeper.” A Safe Keeper cares about you and loves you so much they just want to keep you SAFE, whether that actually is helping you or not.

Energy Drainers almost always see the glass as half empty instead of half full, and they criticise everything and everyone around them. An Energy Drainer may say something to you along the lines of: ‘Who do you think you are? ‘Why do you even bother? You know you’ll never make it,’ or  ‘Your idea will never work.’ Just spending time with an Energy Drainer – even for an hour – lowers your vibration and can leave you feeling energetically drained and disempowered.

The second type of negative person you may come into contact with on your  journey are people I like to call “Safe Keepers.”

A Safe Keeper may say things to you like:

‘Why would you want to leave your job? It’s a great, stable career and it pays well.’ ‘Are you sure you’re not exercising too much? I don’t want you to injure yourself and I love you just the way you are.’ Now, a Safe Keeper gets lumped into the category of “negative people” because they often try to dissuade you from your journey towards your goals, rather than helping to encourage you along. Safe Keepers are just that – they are people in your life, like your friends or family, who care about you and love you and just want to keep you SAFE. When dealing with a Safe Keeper, it’s important to remember that their intention is to keep you safe. It’s your job to have a bigger, better vision for yourself so you avoid being influenced negatively by Safe Keepers.

Step 1: Identify – Energy Drainer or Safe Keeper?

Step 2: Don’t Take It Personally. When you come into contact with a negative person, the key is to not take the negativity personally. People who are extremely critical of others – like Energy Drainers for example – are people who are extremely critical of THEMSELVES. And this self-sabotage and negativity is so great within themselves that it spills over and out, and they start subconsciously serving it up to others to ease their own unhappiness.

It’s really got nothing to do with you!

Your time is one of the most precious resources you have. It is up to you to be mindful and responsible for your own energy and for cultivating an environment around yourself that will empower you to move closer to your goals. Don’t let your time get chained to an Energy Drainer or a Safe Keeper!

I expand far more on this in the coaching courses but this gives you a taster. 

Think about this as you go about your daily business.

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