Look in the Mirror, that’s Your ONLY Competition

What does this mean to you? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others? You aren’t as clever, good-looking, smart, funny or wealthy as your friends? Are you constantly weighing up the fact that you don’t measure up to others?
These other people are not your competitors – they have a different exam paper to you; YOU are the biggest competition you have. YOU are in your own way. So, what do I mean by that? Constantly comparing yourself to others means you don’t have control of your mind and to totally conquer yourself you need to get out of your own way.
This will really help you with your relationships because when you have control of your own mind, you will not be influenced by other remarks, their comments, their behaviour; you will be secure in yourself, knowing what you do is right for you. It’s really worth making the effort to be in this place I can promise you.
You first really need to understand WHO you are and trust me so few people really know this, especially women. Before I started on the healing journey with my mum I was completely lost as to who I was, my self-esteem was rock bottom and I felt worthless most of the time. So I soul searched and started to ask myself some questions and these I found at the back of my journal, perhaps ask yourself these very questions today:

  • What are your beliefs? Where did they come from? Are they really yours or your parents?
  • Do you have any goals? Are you standing still or moving towards them?
  • Who do you spend the most time with? Are these relationships good for you?
  • What are your daily habits – list both, good and bad?
  • What do you believe about success and money?

Be honest, I was surprised at my results as most of the stuff I wrote wasn’t really me at all. I actually felt I was living someone else’s life. A big eye opener for me. I had to stop making excuses – I was my own worst enemy.
Start comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. Be happy with what you have right now. If you continue to compare yourself to others with a vision of who you are ‘supposed to be’ you will remain very unhappy and unfulfilled.

  • Understand you can change your beliefs, if the ones you have right now aren’t yours but your parents voices…what are yours?
  • Choose goals for YOU, what is what you want for yourself NOT what someone has told you to do.
  • Be careful who you spend your time with…….be aware that these people will be influencing you, are they helping you get towards the person you want to  become?
  • Look at your list of habits, focus on the god ones and look how you can change the destructive ones.
  • What is your money story? Is this your or what your parents believed? This is very common to take on someone else’s money belief.

I understood from my parents that business people were all crooks……..so my subconscious believed this and guess what I sabotaged myself (in money and business). That was until I faced the fact that I didn’t believe this to be true, I realised the paradigm driving my behaviour was someone’s else’s pattern and I gave it a new meaning. My whole financial situation changed.
We have a choice in all of this – choose to be you and each day become a better version of WHO you were yesterday.
Just become the best you can be, not better than the next person. I’d love to hear your struggles as this is one of the most common issues I believe we all struggle with at some point in our lives. Please share, don’t be alone.