And if you can’t love, FORGIVE.
And if you can’t forgive, UNDERSTAND.
And if you can’t understand, ACCEPT.
And if you can’t accept?
Then you’ll simply spend your life in turmoil, fighting the truth and failing to move on from what hurts you.
And fighting doesn’t make any sense when all you want, all you hope, all you crave is peace.
Acceptance isn’t about agreement – you don’t have to ‘like it’ you don’t have to ‘support it’.
It’s simply a statement of ‘This is so’, a means to state the truth and reality about what IS rather than what should be, could be or ought to have been.
And you thought this was about ‘THEM’, right? The ones that hurt you?
This is about YOU not them but this works for them too, of course.
Because until you accept yourself, you won’t truly understand yourself, until you understand yourself, you won’t stop judging and blaming yourself and until you stop blaming yourself, you’ll never truly love yourself.
Hope this makes sense, I was taught this early on in my journey and it’s never left my heart.
I HOPE you’ll think about it today – the more you think about it, the more it will sink in x