~ Meditation for Worry and Anxiety – Meditation ~

Have I got a treat for you today. I have had an overwhelming amount of letters asking specifically for help with worry and this meditation might just do it for you. We all worry at some point in our lives, who doesn’t …………….It’s when we worry unnecessarily and it begins to pull us down, that’s when we need to think about changing how we think.
~ Meditation for Worry and Anxiety – Meditation ~
Living a life without stress is less about changing your environment and more about changing your outlook. Is it possible to find peace when everything around you is completely out of control? Not only do I believe that it’s possible, I know it is… and I’ll prove it to you!
Meditation has taught me many things, but the most important lesson I’ve learned is that I have the power to create happiness by managing my reaction to my circumstances. What surrounds me does not dictate my moods, movements, or decisions. Even when my current situation would not be considered ideal, I can find personal bliss.
“Peace is not the same as perfection – that’s a huge misconception. Peace can be lived in the midst of chaos.”
This meditation is for worry and anxiety. I thought it was the perfect meditation to shoot while on a mini-vacation in the Hamptons with my husband and our friends. Vacation should be a time to leave troubles behind and enjoy ourselves, but all too often we’re bringing emotional baggage along with us.
I want to offer my 4-minute meditations as mini-vacations from your busy days. No matter where you find yourself, you can find a path to healing through my short meditations. Four minutes is all you need to name your issue, reclaim your sacred space, and remind yourself that…
You are in control.
You have the power to choose happy.
You are in charge of your reactions.


From Rebekha Borucki
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