~ Meditation, what can it do for You? ~

Hi Everyone,
I want to share with you today something I’ve been doing for a while now and it really has improved my life in so many areas.
Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you turn these days, there’s someone talking about the wonders of meditation?
But does it really live up to the hype?
In short, the answer is “YES!”
So whether you’re already practicing meditation regularly or you’ve never tried it before…
Today I’d like to share just 6 of the reasons why I find meditation to be one of the most beneficial practices I’ve ever incorporated into my life (so hopefully it will become a stronger part of your life too)…
1. It increases your health and happiness.
Research shows that meditating a few minutes a day increases positive emotions, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure and slows down your cardiovascular system.
2. It increases your self-love.
It generates optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation.
3. It makes you sharper.
It increases your memory, your focus and your creativity.
4. It reduces stress.
Every time you meditate, you’re lessening the possibility that you’ll feel upset, scared or stressed.
This is actually because you’re weakening the connection between what’s known as your Assessment Center (the part of our brain responsible for our reasoning) and your Fear Center (the part of our brain that deals with bodily sensation). So if you experience a scary or upsetting situation, you can look at it more rationally.
5. It improves your metabolism and helps you lose weight.
If you’re looking for one more reason to start meditating, then something tells me that this is it!
When your body controls stress, it then allows your body to metabolize your food more effectively, which in effect can help you lose weight. 🙂
6. It helps you feel more connected to nature and people.
When you stay still and just focus on your breath, your mind also finds it easier to rest in the present moment. And when you expand your awareness, your mind and body automatically feel more connected to the universe.
Many people feel challenged by meditation because they think it’s hard, but this is only true if they don’t have the right guidance…there’s lot of free information online or you can take a look at one of my coaching courses where I teach you ways that will work for you.
To Your Huge Success